Guided Baited Brown Bear/Black Bear Hunts

Guided Baited Brown Bear/Black Bear Hunts

   We offer one-on-one baited brown bear hunts in unit 16. There are so many brown bears in unit 16 that the limit has gone from one bear every four years to 2 bears a year. This hunt is out of a remote, fly-in cabin. The cabin has a woodstove, full time electric (due to a solar power system), refrigerator and stove. There is hot and cold water, a shower and a toilet. There is even a TV with DVD player for your entertainment after a long night of hunting. On all of these hunts we pick you up in Anchorage and fly you from Willow into camp and return you to Anchorage with a stop at D&C Expediters to take care of your hides after your hunt. All flying to and from hunting area is included in the price of this hunt. The price includes all meals, guide fees, and equipment. The only thing not included in the hunt is your airfare to Anchorage, hunting license and tags, personal gear, and gratuities. I have baits that we access with ATV’s and boats from the cabin. We also have remote fly-in sites that we fly into for an evening hunt. I use trail cameras at all our sites and we wait until we have a brown bear coming in on a regular basis before we hunt the site. You will be hunting the first night you arrive, if the weather allows. We have 2-man ladder stands or blinds at our bait stations. You will be permitted to harvest one brown bear and up to three black bears with no additional trophy fees. If you harvest a brown bear early in your hunt and wish to continue hunting for a second brown bear this can be done for an additional fee. All tags must be purchased before your hunt begins. There is no way to purchase tags in the field. We take only 2 hunters at a time (a maximum 4 hunters per season.)

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